What To Do In An Emergency

If you can smell gas or have a Gas Emergency Call: 0800 111 999

Here is a step by step video, of what to do if you smell Gas: http://www.nationalgrid.com/NR/rdonlyres/ABD2C956-3474-4E35-910C-C8E903C3DACF/54514/IThinkICanSmellGas.htm

If you have a Plumbing Emergency Call: 01223 258099

Whilst you are waiting for Cambridge Boiler Services to arrive, here’s how to control the leak:

  1. Locate the “Main Water” stop cock and “Turn clockwise” to turn it “Off”! ( in most houses, it’s usually located in the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink ).
  2. “Open all the taps” on every sink and basin in the property, to stem the flow of water from the leak!
  3. If you have put a nail through a pipe, “Leave the nail in place” , this will help to stem the flow of water!
  4. “Isolate electrical items” which are local to the leak, and are likely to get wet!
  5. Turn the heating and hot water programmer to “Off”.
  6. If water is still coming out of the leak, try to collect the water with ice cream tubs, baking trays etc. A car washing sponge and bucket, or a mop and bucket are very useful!
  7. Finally… Now that you have more control of the situation. Please be assured, that we will be with you shortly to put things right!

We will keep you regularly informed whilst we are on route to you.