Boiler Repair In Cambridge

The maintenance and repair of boilers and heating systems is best left to experts such as Cambridge Boiler Services. The average plumber is not usually able to carry out repair work or servicing work on the boiler or heating system. We have the correct qualifications or insurance needed to carry out the work within the correct guidelines.

If you keep your boiler and central heating system in good working order and have the boiler serviced regularly, then the risk of the boiler breaking down is minimised. A boiler break down is always inconvenient, but worse if the weather is exceptionally cold. The breakdown could involve a gas leak or a carbon monoxide leak, which could be fatal. Also, there is the risk of an electrical fault causing a fire!

As the price of heating systems and boilers continues to rise, cheap and sub-standard maintenance and repair could result in damage to the systems. This will not be covered under the insurance and could result in you having to pay out alot of money to replace the defective work.

Reputable and experienced
Cambridge Boiler Services are a reputable and experienced company. The company was started in 2008 in response to a need for a quality conscious, price efficient company that specialises in central heating and hot water installations and repairs. The founders of the company have a wide range of experience, working for the last 20 years on a variety of properties. Schools, residential homes, domestic properties, offices and shops have all become part of the Cambridge Boiler Services portfolio.

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